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Dear Dr. Buckrham:

I am pleased to congratulate Guilford Preparatory Academy on meetingthe North Carolina State Board of Education's academic growth expectations as measured by the Education Value-Added Assessment System for the 2017-2018 academic year. This is an outstanding achievement, and I join your faculty, students, and families in celebrating this milestone.

Education is vitally important to the success and growth of our young people. The impact you are making in the lives of your students is immeasurable. I am incredibly thankful for your dedication in education, and I applaud your unwavering commitment to North Carolina’s youth.

I look forward to hearing of your continued growth and success. My best wishes for your future.



       Thom Tillis
       U.S. Senator


Jaguar News!!!!

T-Mobile $25,000 EmpowerEd Grant Awarded to Guilford Preparatory Academy
2018-2019 1:1 Program for Grades 6-8

More healthy lunch choices in 2018-2019
Salads will now be on the menu for students and adults!