Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

We are excited to announce that our school meals are being prepared in our kitchen this year.  Parents interested in completing a Free/Reduce Lunch Application may pick one up from your child's teacher or come to the Food and Nutrition Office located in the new Guilford Preparatory Academy 3-8 building.  All students who have not returned one will be charged full price ($3) for each lunch meal.  Parents need to contact the Food and Nutrition staff if they have any questions.

Each day our Food and Nutrition staff will serve hot, healthy lunches that meet the approved nutritional requirements of the DPI  Food and Nutrition Department.  As part of this effort to provide healthy meals for our students, our school has an approved
Local Wellness Policy. This policy outlines how we maintain the fidelity of our food service program by making sure students are not allowed to engage in unhealthy eating practices here at school. Part of our policy is also to make sure that our school community is being educated about childhood obesity and other health factors that affect the young and the old, and to encourage healthy lifestyles. 

Our school is one of two schools in the county who received funding through The Eat Smart Move More Grant, through a partnership with the Guilford County Health Department.  This grant helps us put into practice our goal of producing healthy, fit children and adults who will make healthy choices now and in the future. 

In September 2012, our cafeteria staff began serving breakfast ($2.00) and added lowfat ice cream options to the A La Carte menu.

Hot breakfast!

We want to help provide a healthy start to our student's day by having a full breakfast available for those who need it.  We believe a good hot breakfast helps students focus and get them prepared for a "Jaguar Journey" to learning!

Breakfast line


North Carolina Food & Nutrition Program

Lunch Prices:
Full: $3.00
Reduced: $0.40

Mr. Cummings, Manager